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Brian's approach to his camps is a holistic one. He believes that a good player is an all around force. A good player should make his/her presence felt in the defensive, neutral, and offensive zones (in that order)!

His drills are designed to challenge any player at every level. Up tempo, high energy sessions force players to get out of their comfort zones and push the limits of what they can achieve.

As Brian has learned, the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical. He addresses how to gain that mental edge. Nutrition and strength and conditioning are also stressed and taught.

Brian's hands on approach ensures that every player will get individualized instruction. He intentionally keeps his camps extremely small and intimate so that he has time with each player in the program.


Christmas D Clinic 2023'  - $175


When:  3 day program 12/27 - 12/29

3 Groups:   Groups will be divided by age and skill level

               Red  ...........  9-9:50am - SOLD OUT

               Blue  .........  10-10:50am - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

               Gray  ........  11-11:50am - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Where:  Canton Sportsplex

Maximum of 20 skaters per group!!

This program is designed to hit the reset button from the first half of the season.  Players have been focusing on team structure and concepts all fall.  Here is a chance to forget about team concepts and revisit what makes them unique players.  This program will have an emphasis on fun and individual skill development.   Here are some of the highlights we'll touch on.

  • Skating & edgework - our objective is to reintroduce players to efficient skating and transitioning
  • Offensive blueline management - we will work on mobility and getting shots through from the point
  • NZ transition & passing - find fluidity through movements with proper puck handling technique
  • Shooting - execute thoughtful shot selection and delivery

Our goal is to inject confidence and proper reps into these players,  setting them up for success in the second half of the season.


*This clinic will be run by Jackson Roy. If interested, please contact him directly. 


When:  10 Sunday Nights: 9/17 - 11/19 

               GRAY ........................ 7-7:50pm    

               BLUE ........................ 8-8:50pm    

Where:   Canton Sportsplex 

10 Sessions!!  Small Groups with Skater Caps!!  

This program is designed to be small and intimate.  Here, we will get a lot of work done on the finer points of skating mechanics, posture/alignment, transitional movements, puck handling, shooting and many other individualized skill concepts. 

We will cap each group to ensure that we are able to teach and instruct at the level that we desire. As a result, we will be getting into some of the details and subtleties of the game that get overlooked in large group settings.     


*Sunday Night Fall Skills will be run by Jackson Roy. If interested, please contact him directly. 

Elite Summer D-Program 2023' - $1,825 



This is the flagship program of Blueline Hockey. Brian takes a small group of the most focused Dmen at their age level and spends the entire summer honing and shaping their skill sets. This program works on the entire game of the defenseman. Most camps work hard on skill development and overlook the defensive aspect of the game. Here, we do BOTH! 26 hours of on-ice instruction throughout the summer allows Brian and his staff to cover every aspect of the defenders' game. We work on skating, shooting, passing, angling, 1 on 1 theory, in zone coverage and much more. These players will be prepared for the upcoming season!    

We know that there is much more to the game than simply on ice play. That's why we call on other sports professionals to help contribute to our holistic approach. There will be seminars throughout the summer on nutrition, injury prevention and sports psychology. This program will use the latest timing systems from Brower Timing to track the players speed and mobility development through the summer. 

We have been working all off season to offer an exciting new collaboration.  EPS is one of the premier strength and conditioning facilities in the Northeast and it is located directly upstairs in the Foxboro Sports Center.  You can take advantage of their expertise by intelligently combining and maximize your on and off ice training this summer.  

In congruence with our holistic approach, off ice video sessions will be available to the players as well.  Blueline Hockey has made an investment in the state-of-the-art Thunder software from XOS Solutions.  This will allow our staff the chance to instruct through video and visual learning, developing the players overall IQ and understanding of the most difficult position in hockey!  Our staff will take the on-ice theory and supplement with strategic video topics that will also be incorporated during ice sessions.    

Here are the logistics of the program......   

Mondays and Wednesdays, July 10th - August 24th  

  • Group Red : Monday & Wednesday @ 8-10am 

  • Group White :  Monday & Wednesday @ 10-12pm 

  • Group Blue: Monday & Wednesday @ 12-2pm 

  • Group Gray : Monday & Wednesday @ 2-4pm 

  • Dates: 7/10, 7/12, 7/17, 7/19, 7/24, (No skate 7/26), 7/31, 8/2, 8/7, 8/9, 8/14, 8/16, 8/21, 8/23

Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 5th - August 18th  

  • Group Yellow  : Tuesday & Thursday @ 8-10am 

  • Group Black: Tuesday & Thursday @ 10-12pm 

  • Dates: 7/11, 7/13, 7/18, (No skate 7/20), 7/25,  WED. 7/26(No skate 7/27) 8/1, 8/3, 8/8, 8/10, 8/15, 8/17, 8/22, 8/24  

  • Where: All sessions are at Foxboro Sports Center   

We evaluate and place each player in the group that we feel will be the best fit for their development.  Each group has a max of 20 players!! 

*For more information contact Jackson directly. 

Jr/College Summer Program 2023'

 (SOLD OUT)   

We realize 28 hours of ice can be a lot of volume for a Jr/College player.  We’ve customized this program to take into account the amount of volume that these players will be exerting in the weight room as well as on the ice.  After listening to strength coaches and players, we’ve created this small group to meet their very specific needs. 

We collaborate with EPS each summer.  Our goal is to ensure that our athlete's workload is intelligently managed.  See PDF for more details below.....

Here is what the program entails:

  • Thirteen 70 min sessions
  • Nutrition seminar w/ Julie Nicoletti 
  • Injury Prevention Workshop with WPT

  • Capped groups of 20 skaters  

Prep/College Women's  ....  12pm-1:20pm 

Jr/College Men's  ....  1:30pm-2:50pm 

 Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 11th - August 24th 

  • Dates:  7/11, 7/13, 7/18, (No skate 7/20), 7/25,  WED. 7/26, (No skate 7/27) 8/1, 8/3, 8/8, 8/10, 8/15, 8/17, 8/22, 8/24     

  • Where:    All sessions are at Foxboro Sports Center   

**For more information contact Brian or Jackson directly**

Spring O-Zone Skills 23'  

- $595  (SOLD OUT)


When: 10 Tuesday nights: 3/28 - 5/30

3  Groups :

               Red  ...........  5-5:50pm - SOLD OUT 

               Blue  .........  6-6:50pm  - SOLD OUT 

               Gray  ........  8-8:50pm - SOLD OUT 

Where:  Foxboro Sports Center 

Maximum of 20 skaters per group!!

The point of this program is to gather a serious, talented group of players that are looking to dig a bit deeper into the learning process.  We will cover skating mechanics, stride development, stickhandling, shooting, deception, offensive IQ, elusive movements, and intelligent puck movement/management. Our goal is to create a demanding yet fun environment to challenge these players.  These groups will be small to ensure we can properly teach and instruct at a deeper level.  

Focal points for this program.....

  • Offensive zone tactics will be tackled in this program. 

  • Puck touches with the intention of creating space for yourself will be a major focus. 

  • Time will be allocated to developing the mindset and skillset needed to score goals and contribute in the offensive zone. 

  • This program is designed for BOTH Forwards and Dmen looking to add offensive punch to their game! 

*If you are interested, please contact Jackson directly 

Spring Checking Clinic 23' - $595  (SOLD OUT)


When:  10 sessions: 3/29 - 5/31

1 Group:    2010 Birth Year Players

BOTH Forwards & Defensemen

  • Wednesday Nights  6 - 6:50pm 

 Where:  Foxboro Sports Center 

10 sessions!!  Maximum of 25 skaters !!  

This program is designed for the 2010 birth year player who is looking for an edge entering into their first season of full contact and body checking.  These sessions will cover contact, body control, and more.  We will provide these players with the tools necessary to be more effective no matter what size they are, easing their transition into check hockey. 

  •  Puck protection
  •  Angling
  •  Finishing body checks properly
  •  Receiving hits
  •  Navigating tight confrontations
  •  Net front battle mindset and more will be addressed! 

*If you are interested, please contact Jackson directly 

Spring Small D-Groups 23'  

- $595  (SOLD OUT)


When:  10 Thursday nights: 3/30 - 6/1

4 Groups:  Groups will be divided by age and skill level. 

                        Red  ...............  5-5:50pm - SOLD OUT

                        White  ..........  6-6:50pm   - SOLD OUT

                        Blue  ..............  7-7:50pm  - SOLD OUT

                        Gray  .............  8-8:50pm  - SOLD OUT 

Where:  Foxboro Sports Center 

10 sessions!!  Maximum of 20 skaters per group!! 

This is the abbreviated spring version of our flagship D program.

Intentionally designed to be small and intimate.  Here, we can get a lot of work done on the finer points of stride development, puck handling, D zone play, defending rushes etc.   

We will cap each group to ensure the players are getting a deeper level of coaching. These sessions are for advanced players.  We will be getting into the details and subtleties of the game that get overlooked in large group settings.    

Focal points for this program....

  • Intentional skating posture to maximize stride efficiency
  • Developing a mindset of a positionally sound Dman
  • Creating comfort with the puck
  • Offensive Zone Blue line mgmt.
  • Breakout and intelligent puck movement 
  • Adding to the offensive rush
  • Defending the rush
  • In zone angles
  • Lots more...

*If you are interested, please contact Jackson directly